Marcel Odenbach “Selbstverteidigung” für Alfred Apfel


Since self-analysis in the 1970s, Marcel Odenbach has devoted himself above all to the examination of historical as well as socio-political and geo-political perspectives on art, culture and life itself through sensual-aesthetic images: from Fontane, Tucholsky, Apfel, National Socialism, colonialism and FRG/GDR to current issues. The artist provides unusual insights into his drawing and conceptual work since 1975 and presents a selection of early film collages and performances.

In cooperation with Kurt Tucholsky Literaturmuseum

7 May — 9 Jul 2023

Kurt Tucholsky Literaturmuseum
Schloss Rheinsberg
16831 Rheinsberg

Tue – Sun
10 am – 12:30 pm and
1 – 5:30 pm 

€ 4/3

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